How do I change my mobile wireless network name?

How do I rename my wireless network?

How to Change Your WiFi Name and Password

  1. Open a web browser. …
  2. Then type your router’s IP address into the search bar and press the Enter key. …
  3. Next, enter your router’s username and password and click Sign In. …
  4. Then click Wireless. …
  5. Next, change your new WiFi name and/or password. …
  6. Finally, click Apply or Save.

How do I change my network name on my phone?

Change Device Name on Android

  1. Open the Settings app on your Android device.
  2. Scroll down to About phone or About device and tap it.
  3. Now tap the Device name option.
  4. Type the desired name and select OK.

How do I choose a network name?

A network name cannot be more than 32 characters long, but other than that, there are few restrictions on what you can choose as the SSID.

  1. Make the network name easily recognizable. …
  2. Find out Whether You Have Band Steering. …
  3. Make a Simple Guest Policy. …
  4. Make Your Network Name(s) Visible. …
  5. Name Any Repeaters Sensibly.

How do I change my WiFi network name and password?

There are two ways to change your network name and password

For Android devices, tap the menu icon in the upper-left corner of the screen, then tap Internet. Tap the Wireless Gateway. Select “Change WiFi Settings.” Enter your new network name and password.

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How do I change my WiFi name and password?

To change your WiFi password or network name:

  1. Launch a web browser from a computer or mobile device that is connected to your router’s network.
  2. Enter …
  3. Enter the router admin user name and password. …
  4. Select Settings > Wireless Setup.
  5. Enter your new network name in the Name (SSID) field.

How do I change my device name?

Change your Android phone name

All you have to do is open Settings. Look for About Phone, and select Edit. You can then enter a new name for your phone and confirm it by selecting Done.

How do I hide my WIFI name on my phone?

Hover over the Wireless menu item, and select the Advanced submenu. Find the line that says “Hide SSID (Closed Network)” and change the dropdown to say “Enabled”. Click Save on the same row on the right hand side. Your wireless network has now been hidden.

What is a good WIFI network name?

Cool Names for Wifi Networks

  • Keep it on the Download.
  • Wu Tang LAN.
  • Trust in God but Protect Your WiFi.
  • The Password is…
  • Open Sesame.
  • Everyday I’m buffering.
  • Girls Gone Wireless.
  • Lag Out Loud.
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