Frequent question: How do you test the GSM of a knitted fabric?

What is GSM knitting?

GSM is a metric measurement unit of surface or areal density which is used for measuring the thickness of sheet material. Fabric and paper thickness are measured in gsm. For an example, 180 gsm t-shirt means the weight of the knitted cotton fabric used for making that t-shirt is 180 grams per square meter area.

How do you know if fabric is woven GSM?

Fabric Weight Calculation in GSM (Woven Fabric)

  1. Fabric Construction is a term in which some fabric detailing are available such as.
  2. EPI (Ends per inch –warp)
  3. PPI (Picks per inch – weft)
  4. Warp count.
  5. Weft count.
  6. fabric width (in inches) .
  7. Here , EPI = 92.
  8. So total number of ends = 92×39.37.

How do you convert weight to GSM?

Multiply each pound of text paper by 1.48. 1 lb. of Cover paper = 2.708 gsm. Multiply each pound of cover paper by 2.708.

How do you manually calculate GSM of fabric?

Follow the below steps.

  1. Cut a fabric sample of 10 cmX10 cm.
  2. Measure the weight of that specimen (sample) in grams. Here you got fabric weight per 100 square-centimeter.
  3. Convert fabric weight into grams per square meter. …
  4. For accuracy test with multiple (e.g. 5 samples) samples and calculate average GSM.
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How do you convert GSM to thickness?

Its density is about 0.946 grams per cubic centimeter. Consequently, when reading a specification, the areal density (in GSM) divided by 0.946 is approximately equal to the average thickness of a polypropylene sheet in micrometers (or microns).

What is a high GSM?

High GSM is a mark of quality in cotton towels. In general, a cotton bath towel that weighs 400 GSM and above is considered to be good quality. The fabric in these soft towels is woven more densely, and thus is softer and more absorbent than a lower GSM fabric (for example, that found in standard kitchen towels).

Which GSM is good for Tshirt?

If you want a heavy t-shirt then a 180-200gsm item is generally at the very top end of a t-shirt weight, but if you want a nice lightweight summer t-shirt a 130-150 is also great.

Why is GSM important?

The most obvious advantage of GSM is its widespread use throughout the world. According to, GSM has a harmonized spectrum, which means that even though different countries may operate on different frequency bands, users can transfer seamlessly between networks and keep the same number.

How do you convert from GSM to meters?

In the example:

  1. Fabric length is 1700 meters.
  2. Fabric width = 72 inch convert it into meters = (72 * 2.54) /100 =1.83 meters.
  3. Fabric GSM = 230 grams.
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