Frequent question: How do I stream iTunes to a Bluetooth speaker?

Why won’t my iTunes play on my Bluetooth speaker?

Go to iTunes > Edit > Preferences > Playback. Find Play Audio Using and change the dropdown from Windows Audio Session to Direct Sound. Close iTunes and disconnect your Bluetooth speakers, headphones, or device. Restart your Windows PC and reconnect your Bluetooth device.

How do I stream from iTunes to wireless speakers?

iTunes plays through them and mutes the computer’s built-in speakers. Use speakers connected to an AirPort Express, an Apple TV, or another AirPlay-enabled device: In the iTunes app on your PC, click the AirPlay button at the top of the iTunes window, then select the checkbox next to the speakers you want to use.

Can you Bluetooth iTunes?

When it comes to syncing your device to iTunes, you will not be able to use the Bluetooth capabilities of the device. … Bluetooth syncing is not supported by Apple and it does not connect to the iTunes on your computer. Instead, most people use the USB cable that came with their device.

How do I stream music to a Bluetooth speaker?

Find the picture of the Google Home you want to pair with a Bluetooth speaker or headphones. In the top right corner of the picture, tap Settings. In the settings menu, select Default music speaker, then select Pair Bluetooth speaker. Select the speaker or headphones you want to pair, then select Done.

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Why can’t I hear music from iTunes?

The iTunes software relies on your computer’s audio settings to play the audio from your media files properly. If your computer’s main volume is low or muted, then you won’t hear audio from iTunes or any other application. … In addition, check the cable connection between your computer and any external speakers.

Why is my sound not working on iTunes?

In iTunes use Edit > Preferences > Playback and look at the entry for Play Audio Using. This will normally be set to either Direct Sound or Windows Audio Session. Changing the setting may help. If not change back to the original value and try once more.

Can I use AirPlay on Windows 10?

Yes, you can stream music and videos via Apple AirPlay on a Windows PC.

How do I connect my iPhone to iTunes wirelessly without USB?

On the iPhone, tap the Settings app. Tap General. Scroll down, then tap iTunes Wi-Fi Sync. The iTunes Wi-Fi Sync screen lists the computers you can sync your iPhone with, when it was last synced, and a Sync Now button.

How do I connect my Apple music to my Bluetooth speaker?

On the iPhone, enable Bluetooth if it isn’t turned on. Go to Settings > Bluetooth and tap the on/off slider to the On position or open the Control Center and tap the Bluetooth icon to turn it on. On the Bluetooth device, turn on pairing mode. Either press the Pairing button or enable a setting from a companion app.

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