Does Virgin Mobile use EE network?

As noted above, Virgin Mobile uses EE’s coverage for 4G customers and Vodafone’s for 5G ones.

What carrier does Virgin Mobile use?

It currently uses Vodafone’s network – having originally used EE’s. However, that is now likely to change again. The deal will likely see the new company expand its connectivity options, including gigabit fibre broadband and 5G.

Does Virgin piggyback off EE?

These are BT Mobile and Plusnet Mobile. Note that at the time of writing, Virgin Mobile’s 4G customers will also be using EE’s network, but 5G customers use Vodafone and the company is in the process of switching everyone over to Vodafone, so by the time you read this that switch may well be complete.

What networks use EE?

These networks are 1p Mobile, BT Mobile, IQ Mobile and Plusnet Mobile. If you’re using one of these alternative mobile networks, you’ll still get the same coverage as customers on EE.

Who do Virgin Media piggyback off?

(1) Those who joined/join Virgin Mobile on a Sim-only or 5G contract deal from mid-January will get Vodafone’s signal. Most existing customers (or those on other deals) will still be on the EE network, until they’re moved over to Vodafone later in 2021.

Is Virgin Mobile UK closing down?

Customers of Virgin Mobile’s (Virgin Media) Pay As You Go (PAYG) plans have been informed that the service is “ending” and it will be gradually phased out between October 2021 and January 2022. … After careful review, we’ve decided to close our Pay As You Go services and focus on providing even greater Pay Monthly plans.

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Is EE owned by BT?

EE is part of BT Group – one of the UK’s biggest communications and IT companies. … Together with BT, we provide great mobile, fixed and cloud products and services that can keep your business connected, and help you become even more agile, productive and efficient.

Is O2 better than EE?

EE’s 4G service is faster than O2’s, with an average download speed of 32.5Mbps, according to Open Signal’s April 2019 Mobile Network Experience report. Average 3G speeds for the period measured were 5.8Mbps. O2 customers get an average speeds of 14.1Mbps and 4.9Mbps for 4G and 3G respectively, during the same period.

Is EE a good mobile network?

EE is the biggest and fastest 4G network in the UK. Now owned by BT, tests suggest it has the best 4G download speeds of any UK network and possibly also the best coverage (though the competition is close). EE’s 4G network currently reaches over 99% of the UK population and more than 86% of the UK’s landmass.

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