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Samyung F560

( Fish Finder / Echo Sounder)

Brand: Samyung
Model: F560

Display Screen Size: 5.6" 480 x 640 pixels
Max Depth: 5000 ft
Screen Color: color LCD


5.6”high resolution TFT LCD
Fast screen response by high performance CPU
Suitable for small fishing boat
Easy to use by icon menu
Easy to distinguish fish on bottom by digital enlargement
Reinforce fish detection by auto pulse
Detect fish by high data transmission
Easy to use by auto gain
10-step adjustable LED backlight
Multiple languages available including English, Chinese, Russian, Thai, Malay etc.


Display : 5.6“, TFT 256 color, 480 x 640 pixels
Frequency : 50/200KHz
Output: 600W
Depth Range : Min : 0m~3m, Max : 0m~1,500m
Color Display : 16 colors
Brightness : 10-step
Screen Moving Speed : super fast, fast, medium, low, stop
Alarms : too shallow, too deep, fish, temperature, temperature rate, low battery, dangerous AIS vessels.
Battery Voltage Display : Voltage number dispaly
AUTO GAIN adjustment : OFF/ON
A-Mode display : OFF/ON
Demo dispaly : OFF/ON
Weak Color Removal : 0%~75%
Operation temp : -15℃ ~ 55℃
Supply Voltage : DC 10 ~ 34V
Consumption Power : less than 12W
Data Input/Output : NMEA0183, NMEA2000
Size : 164 mm(H) x 183 mm(W) x 74 mm(D)

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