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( Marine HF Mobile Radio )

Brand: ICOM
Model: IC-M801

Frequency (MHz): 1.6 - 27.5
O/P Power (Watt): 125
Type: SSB Marine GMDSS

All-in-one set for MF/HF SSB radio telephone and Class A/E DSC operation

Built-in DSC, Class A

The IC-M801GMDSS has Class A DSC operation and meets GMDSS requirements and MED 96/98/EC, "wheel mark" requirements for solas regulated vessels.

4×8 inch remote controller

The IC-M801GMDSS offers an industry standard 4-inch tall remote controller. When set up with the IC-M603 or M505 VHF radio, Icom offers you a complete MF/HF/VHF communications station.

Large LCD with full dot-matrix characters

The M801GMDSS has the capability of up to 24 characters × 9 lines full dot-matrix display. You can easily read the alphanumeric channel name, DSC coordination, time, position, etc.

Digital signal processing

The DSP controlled digital IF filter provides flexible filter settings for narrow band signals like SITOR and FSK without having to install an optional narrow filter.

24V power supply available

The IC-M801GMDSS has built-in DC-DC power converter, which provides 13.6V DC either from 24V DC, depending on version.

Automatic antenna tuner, AT-141

An optional automatic tuner, AT-141, easily connects to the IC-M801GMDSS. When the tuner cannot tune the antenna, the ICM801E bypasses the tuner and displays an alert on the display.

125W (PEP) of output power

A stable 125W of output power provides reliable long distance communication. The RF unit is enclosed in a rugged metal case and the large cooling fan ensures stable internal temperature even during high duty operation.

Other features

  • 0.5–29.999MHz continuous receiver coverage
  • D-SUB connector for NBDP terminal
  • GPS connector
  • IEC61162-1 connector for PC remote control
  • Printer connector

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