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Cushcraft X7

( HF Tri Band Yagi Antenna )

Brand: Cushcraft
Model: X7

Frequency Band: 10 / 15 / 20 m
Gain: 12.5 - 13 dBi
Type: High Gain Yagi
  • New High Efficiency Computer Optimized Design for Maximum Gain and Ultra Clean Radiating Pattern
  • 100+ MPH Construction for Best Reliability and Long Life
  • NEW 4L Log Cell Driven Elements for better VSWR Bandwidth
  • Trapless Driven Elements and Reflectors for Reliable Power Handling
  • Interleaved Element Design for Mono-Band Performance
  • Add-on kits available for 40 Meters
  Frequency Coverage (Meters)  10, 15, 20
 Total number of Elements7
 Maximum Gain (dB) 20M12.5@14 degrees 
 @ One Wavelength 15M13.0 @ 12 deg
 10M12.9@14 degrees
 Maximum Front to Back Ratio (dB)30
 Number of Elements per Band3
 VSWR Minimum1.1:1
 VSWR 1.5:1 Bandwidth (KHz) 20M600
 Longest Element, ft (m)37.2 (11.3)
 Turning Radius, ft (m)20.0 (6.1)
 Boom Length, ft (m)18 (5.49)
 Boom Diameter, in (cm)2-1/2 (6.35)
 Maximum Mast Diameter OD, in (cm)2-1/2 (6.35)
 Maximum Wind Survival, mph (kph)>100 (>161)
 Maximum Wind Surface Area, sq. ft. (sq. m)7.9 (.73)
 Windload @ 80 mph, lb (kg)202 (92)
 Maximum Power Handling (KW)2
 Weight, lb (kg) 60 (27.2)

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