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Cushcraft MA5B

( HF Compact Yagi Antenna )

Brand: Cushcraft
Model: MA5B

Frequency Band: 10 / 12 / 15 / 17 / 20 m
Gain: 2 - 5.3 dBi
Type: HF Yagi/Directional
Cushcraft's newest multiband HF antenna provides 5 band directivity in a package small enough to mount to a tripod. The MA5B is a design that does not sacrifice ruggedness, performance and power handling for size and ease of installation.

Easy To Tune
No complicated gamma matches to adjust.

Easy To Turn
With a boom length of 7 feet and a longest element length of 17 feet, a lightweight TV rotor will do the trick.
Flat response across all 5 bands.VSWR minimum 1.2:1.

Rugged Construction
Cushcraft's tried and true stainless steel mounting hardware and heavy wall aluminum tubing make for a rugged, long lasting antenna.

Single Feed Point
Only one coaxial feed line is necessary for all 5 bands.

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