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ClearCast CG-30

( GSM 900 MHz Vehicle Repeater )

Brand: ClearCast
Model: CG-30

Coverage Area: Inside Vehicle
Gain: 28 dB
Band: GSM 900 MHz Sys
The ClearCast CG30 Wireless Reception Amplifier is ideally suited for providing and/or improving cellular reception within cars, trucks and other motor vehicles. User could attach sensing antenna to car kit holder or leather case surface, no need to connect to the cellphone directly (just near by sensing antenna). Moreover, we have brand-new and close design for this model. Once the installation is finished, user could make an outgoing call to check if the installation is correct or not. As long as the installation is correct, the power indicator will change color from red to blue.

Why Use A ClearCast — Car Amplifier?
Even with the growing number of cellular base stations servicing cell phone networks, cell phones used in automobiles and other motor vehicles still experience inconsistent and inadequate reception quality. Problems with poor reception, dropped calls and lack of adequate signal strength while traveling in an automobile can be eliminated by installing a ClearCast Car Amplifier. ClearCast amplifier kits provide a simple and ideal solution to inadequate cellular phone reception.

  • Extend cellphone communication range when driving.
  • Reduce radiation from cellphone, helpful for human health.
  • Extend lifespan of cellphone battery.
  • Built-in AGC, free of interference, no crash sound.
  • Suitable for any cellphone whether stubby or hidden antenna.
  • One time install, the sensing antenna attach to the phone holder or leather case surface.

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