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M2 Antenna

M2 Antenna 10M4DX

( HF 4-Elements 10m Yagi Antenna )

Brand: M2 Antenna
Model: 10M4DX

Frequency Band: 10 m
Gain: 8 dBd
Type: Monoband Yagi

The 10M4DX was designed for high performance while keeping weight, wind area and costs low. Using computer optimization techniques, we have squeezed for excellent performance on both the CW and phone. the 10M4DX is a great antenna to stack with more 10M4DX Yagis or with other HF antennas. Mechanically, CNC machined aluminum (6061-T6) ring clamps ground the elements to the boom and make assembly a snap. A hairpin type match couples the 5 kW 1: balun to the feed line. The antenna is completely DC grounded. Great effort has been put into making sure this antenna stays in the air for years to come while providing enjoyment and satisfaction along the way.

Frequency range28.0 TO 28.8 MHz
Gain8 dBd
Front to back, Typical22 dB
E=53° / H=64°
Feed ImpConnector
50 OHMS / SO-239
Power Handling
2500 WATTS
Boom length and diameter24 FT. / 2" O.D.
Element Dia1", 3/4" & 1/2" TIPS
Stcking Distance25-31 FT. VERTICAL
Turning radius14 ft.8 in.
Wind Load3.5 SQ. FT.
Wind / Survival115 MPH
Weight / ShipWt.
38 LBS. / 41 LBS

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