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M2 Antenna

M2 Antenna KT34M2

( HF Triband Beam Yagi Antenna )

Brand: M2 Antenna
Model: KT34M2

Frequency Band: 10 / 15 / 20 m
Gain: 6.8 dBi
Type: Short Tri-bander

The M2 KT34M2 is now the best and strongest short tribander available today. All four elements are resonant on each band. A dual driven element allows a beautiful flat match, broad gain, and high front to back curves across 10, 15 and 20M. A 3kW 4:1 balun efficiently matches the antenna to 50 Ohms. All sheet metal parts have been upgraded to our new machined shorting bars, stiffening and strengthening the antenna noticeably. The long term performance is enhanced by the total contact machined joints. This antenna will be competitive with most monobanders ! Be surprised, get the NEW KT34M2.

Frequency range

14.0 - 14.35 MHz
21.0 - 21.45 MHz
28.0 - 29.0 MHz

Gain6.8-7.3 dBi
Front to back, Typical18-24 dB
Feed impedance/Conn50 ohm / SO-239
Power Handling3kW
Boom Length & Dia.16' / 3"
Maximum Ele Length25'
Turning Radius15'
Mast Size2" Nominal
Wind Area4.5 sq ft.
Wind Survival100 MPH
Weight / Shipping Weight45 lbs. / 52 lbs

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