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M2 Antenna

M2 Antenna 6M11JKV

( VHF 11-Elements 6m Yagi Antenna )

Brand: M2 Antenna
Model: 6M11JKV

Frequency: 49.9 - 50.5 MHz
Gain: 14 dbd
Type: Long Boom Yagi

This premier design Yagi was produced for Jim Treybig, W6JKV for use on his new 60 acre ranch outside Austin Texas. This rugged performer is unmatched in the industry and clearly is the king of the 6 meter band. The free space gain is 14 dBd and when horizon ground gain of 5+ dB is added in, moon echoes are not only possible but probable with power of 400 Watts or more. Structural features begin with the 3" x 1/8" wall 36 foot center section tapering down through 2-1/2" sections to 2" diameter tips. Rugged, machined clamps support 3/4" diameter elements and all elements are grounded to the boom. The driven element is also a 3/4" diameter tube for improved efficiency and bandwidth, fed by a 'T' match with adjustable shorting bars. Stainless screws lock the joints together. The "T" match block is CNC-machined and internal connections are sealed with a space-age silicone gel with dielectric strength nearly 4 times greater than air. All three connectors feature 'O' ring seals. The balun cable features double seals; one at the cable and a "seal nut" at the face of connector where it mates with the female. Dual overhead guy support lines maintain the clean lines and structural integrity.
Jimmy liked the antenna so much he has put up four more in a quad array in preparation for the fireworks of the new sun spot cycle. How about you" Are you ready for the new millennium" This very special antenna is made to order and sold only factory direct. We like to meet and speak directly with the new owners of this Yagi!

Frequency range49.9-50.5 MHz
Usuable Frequency Range49.6 TO 50.75 MHz
Gain over a Dipole14 dBd
Front to back, Typical>21 dB
Beamwidth degreesE=28° / H=39°
Feed impedance
50 OHM
Input Connector
'N' Female
BalunHalf Wave 4:1, supplied
Power Handling
1500 WATTS
Element Type3/4" Tube W 7/8" Center Sleeve
Boom length and diameter69' / 2" / 2", 2-1/2" & 3" X 36" CNTR
Wind Area / Survival10.7 SQ. FT. / 100 MPH
Weight / ShipWt.
83 LBS. / 95 LBS,

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