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M2 Antenna

M2 Antenna 2M18XXX

( VHF 18-Elements 2m Yagi Antenna )

Brand: M2 Antenna
Model: 2M18XXX

Frequency: 144 - 146 MHz
Gain: 15 dbd
Type: High Gain Array

The 2M18XXX has been extensively used by many moonbouncers and other weak signal enthusiasts for the last eight years. The clean, sharp pattern yields a very good G/T (gain/temperature in K) which, in everyday language, means you hear more signal and less noise. It is ideal as a single antenna or in stacked arrays of 24 or more antennas, yielding a full 6 dB of stacking gain for four or more antennas! Mechanically, the boom is strong in the middle and tapered in 1/4" steps to reduce weight and wind area. M2 has integrated the computer optimized design with the unique driven element module. The aluminum CNC machined housing features "O" ring seals on all three connectors and internal connections are potted in silicon gel than enhances the power handling capability. That is important to those who feel life is too short for QRP! All hardware is stainless except the U-bolts. By all standards the "18XXX" is a true thoroughbred among VHF antennas!

Frequency range144-146 MHz
Gain for 1/2 / 415.0 / 18.0 / 21.0 dBd
G/T FOR 1 / 4–6.75 / –0.13
Front to back26 dB
BeamwidthE =26.4° H =27.7° for
Feed impedance / Conn50 ohm / "N" female
VSWR1.2:1 typical
Power Handling1.5 kW
Stacking DistanceE=14.5', H=14.0' typical
Boom length and diameter36'3" / 1-1/2, 1-1/4, 1, 3/4"
Elements / Size18 / 3/16" rod
Turning radius19'6"
Wind Area2.9 sq. ft.
Mounting / Mast SizeH OR V / 2" Nominal
Weight / ShipWt.14 lb.\ 15 lb.

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