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M2 Antenna

M2 Antenna 2M8WLHD

( VHF 21-Elements 2m Yagi Antenna )

Brand: M2 Antenna
Model: 2M8WLHD

Frequency: 144 - 145 MHz
Gain: 17 dbd
Type: Long Boom Yagi

The 2M8WLHD is a step above the original 2M8WL. It provides the user with not just improvements in gain and front to back ratio but also features a robust boom design, making the antenna capable of handling winds over 100 MPH. The 2M8WLHD features the same highly reliable, CNC machined, driven element components used on our other VHF and UHF yagis. The boom tapers from 2.5" in the 23 foot middle section to 1.5" at the rear and front. It is top guyed with dacron cord. A single 2M8WLHD provides the gain requirement to make EME contacts with even small 4 yagi stations. It passes the echo test by producing its own audible echoes even when pointed up with no ground gain! Obviously it is dynamite on Tropo! There's absolutely nothing else like it. packs in a 5ft. long box that the airlines don't seem to mind. Whether you are taking a trip or using it at home, you"ll be impressed!

Frequency range144 TO 145 MHz
Gain17 dBd
Front to back24 dB
BeamwidthE=20° H=21°
Stacking Distance18.5' - 20' for both planes
Feed impedance / Conn50 Ohms/'N' Female
Power Handling2500 WATTS
Boom length and diameter55' (8.06 wavelength) 2-1/2" tapering to 1-1/2"
Elements / size21 / 3/16" Rod (6061-T6)
Turning radius29 ft.
Wind Area5.5 sq. ft.
Weight / ShipWt.35 lbs / 38 lbs

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