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Motorola GM3689

( Commercial Mobile 2-Way Radio )

Brand: Motorola
Model: GM3689

Frequency: 66-88, 136-174, 403-527 MHz
O/P Power: 25 W
Type: Conventional
Channel: 100
Highlights of the GM3689
Signalling - 5-tone, DTMF
Option Board - Yes
Keypad - Yes
Display - Yes
Emergency Button - No
MilSpec - MIL-STD 810C, D & E
Weight - 1.01 Kg
Power Output -
Frequency -
66-88MHz, 136-162MHz
438-470MHz, 465-495MHz
Channels - 100
Dimension (HxWxD) - 44 x 169 x 118 mm

  • Large ON/ OFF knob and channel button enable easy operation, even with gloved hands

  • Up to 255 names, numbers and caller IDs can be called up quickly and conveniently through the contact list.
  • 3 Programmable buttons allows access to the frequently used functions such as scan, repeater talkaround, transmitting power level and others.
  • 8 Character Alphanumeric display allows quick identification of radio status and identifies incoming calls.
  • 16 pin external accessory port or optional board interface allows easy expansion of radio’s capability

  • Supports Select V signalling standards and offers users flexibility in programming up to two “user-defined” signalling standards.
  • 100 channels allow users to independently program each channel for their customised need.
  • The scan vote feature permits the radio to automatically select the strongest signal ensuring the best audio quality is delivered to the user.
  • Offers voice compression mode and powerful 4W front-firing speaker for maximal audio clarity.
  • The compact design enables easy mounting even in cramped vehicles

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