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( HF/6m Mobile Amateur Radio )

Brand: ICOM
Model: IC-756PROIII

Frequency (MHz): HF / 50
O/P Power (Watt): 100
Type: HF Amateur

Icom and the renowned IC-756PRO series continue to make ham radio history:

  • First 32-bit floating point DSP transceiver
  • First transceiver with customizable filter shapes. There were no optional filters to buy, for none were needed.
  • First mid-class HF transceiver with +30dBm-class third-order intercept point*
  • First amateur HF transceiver with a large TFT color LCD

For the new IC-756PROIII, Icom’s combined the cutting-edge receiver technology of the IC-7800 with the familiar ergonomics of the IC-756PROII.

Take your DXing to the next level with Icom’s IC-756PROIII.

The 756PRO Third Generation’s new features

New receiver gives +30dBm third-order intercept point*

Using receiver design techniques introduced in the IC-7800, Icom’s engineering team focused on producing a distortionfree, high-dynamic-range. To achieve this goal, Icom used higher-grade components in vital receiver sections of the IC- 756PROIII.

Large inductors

The IC-756PROIII uses large inductors instead of small coils in the bandpass filter (BPF) stage, because small coils sometimes cause magnetic saturation in the BPF stage. Large inductors can handle both strong signals and weak signals with lower distortion.

Low-distortion BPF switching

The BPF switching circuitry is one of the critical points in a receiver where distortion can be produced by strong out-of-band signals. Distortion at this early receiver stage then propagates throughout the remaining stages and cannot be removed by signal processing. The IC-756PROIII uses low distortion diodes with wide frequency characteristics that prevent formation of distortion components in the BPF stage.

Fundamental-type 64MHz roofing filter

The IC-756PROIII uses a fundamentalmode monolithic crystal filter for the roofing filter. Although it’s more expensive than overtone-mode filters, the fundamentalmode filter has a better shape factor and is less susceptible to intermodulation distortion under strongsignal conditions. This is the same 15kHz crystal filter used in the IC-7800 roofing filter circuit.

Two newly designed preamplifiers

To minimize distortion and maximize dynamic range, the IC-756PROIII preamplifiers use the same basic circuit design as the IC-7800 preamplifiers. Preamp-1 is a noiseless feedback design, with push-pull amplifiers. This design has a high intercept point and covers a wide frequency range. Preamp-2, which uses bipolar transistors for higher gain, is ideal when you use separate low-efficiency receiving antennas such as small loops or Beverages.

Real time spectrum scope with mini scope function

The real time spectrum scope is now an indispensable tool for top performing HF radios. The IC-756PROIII’s spectrum scope adds a mini scope function, as requested by many PROII users. The mini scope allows you to monitor the scope screen while you use other function menus. For example, you can monitor the scope screen even while you are changing the IF filter shape and passband width. The scope range can be set in 4 steps ±12.5 kHz, ±25 kHz, ±50 kHz and ±100 kHz, centered onthe receiving frequency. In addition, the spectrum scope has 3 attenuator levels (10dB, 20dB and 30dB).

Eight-channel RTTY TX memory

The IC-756PROIII has 8 channels of RTTY transmit memory. You can edit and send up to a 62 character message for each memory channel without a PC or other external unit*. The transmit memory is displayed on the screen so you won’t send the wrong message. The built-in RTTY demodulator and decoder allow you to check the callsign of the station on the air instantly. A PC or external unit is not also necessary.
* When writing and sending RTTY messages on site, a Terminal Unit, TNC or PC and dedicated software is required.

Adjustable SSB transmit BW

The SSB transmit bandwidth is selectable from 100, 300 and 500Hz at the high-pass edge, and 2500, 2700 and 2900Hz at the low-pass edge respectively. 3 types of high and low combinations can be stored in the memory. In addition, the built-in audio equalizer has separate bass and treble adjustments for a total of 121 combinations, so you can tone your voice up or down as you want. With this flexible DSP-based waveform shaping, you can tailor your transmit audio quality to suit your operating style.

Other new features

  • New 60 meter band coverage, equivalent transmit power and antenna tuner capabilities to the other bands.
  • 2 clocks show different time zones at once, such as local and UTC time
  • Screen saver function
  • @ code (• – – • – • ), used in e-mail ad- RTTY transmit memory screen dresses, added to memory keyer

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