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( HF/6m Mobile Amateur Radio )

Brand: ICOM
Model: IC-703

Frequency (MHz): HF / 50
O/P Power (Watt): 10
Type: QRP Portable

IC-703 QRP HF Radio

Don't sacrifice big rig features just because you want to operate QRP!

Whether hiking in the mountains or taking a leisurely stroll through the park, the IC-703 is the "Real Deal" HF QRP rig! Built-in is an automatic antenna tuner and DSP*, plus there's a newly designed PA circuit to provide a clean 5W signal with only 9.6V DC. The IC-703 also supports true QRP operation with enhancements of features and components to be very efficient to prolong operation of the battery pack. The optional BP-228 battery pack allows up to 7 hours of operating enjoyment.
* Optional UT-106 required depending on version.

HF how it should be: Compact and Portable!

Designed by hams, for hams! Take your hobby with you into the great outdoors with the LC-156, Icom's Multi-bag '703 carrier. The LC-156 offers plenty of room to store and protect the gear you'll want to bring along for hours of fun operating the bands. It's the perfect way to combine a ham's love for both the hobby and the great outdoors!

Icom's DSP technology allows you to pick-out the weak signals!

DSP capabilities give you tools to reduce interfering signals, or just to dig weak signals out of the dirt. The noise reduction separates desired signals from noise and reduces the noise components for a clearer received signal, while the auto notch tracks and eliminates interference from a solid tone signal.
* Optional UT-106 required depending on version.

160-6m full coverage internal automatic antenna tuner, and low current PA

The newly designed PA unit and antenna tuner, specifically designed for the IC-703, extends operating time by reducing the voltage and current consumption. The antenna tuner utilizes low current latching relays to cover 160-6m. While on a 9.6V DC source or less than 11V DC, many functions of the IC-703 are controlled by the microprocessor to extend the battery life.

While in low current mode, the IC-703 automatically switches to 5W output power (2W AM). While on 13.8V DC, the output switches to 10W (4W AM). Antenna tuner PA unit

Auto power scale meter

There's no need to calculate the output power, as the IC-703 automatically scales the power meter according to the output power of the rig. The full scale reading of the meter will indicate the power output setting of the rig. For example, if you are running at 5W mode, the full scale reading will be 5W. (Available power settings are 10/5/2.5/1/0.5W)

Low current mode

By using power efficient components for the PA, antenna tuner and the PLL circuits, the IC-703 is designed for maximum efficiency at 9.6V DC. When using the optional BP-228 battery pack, the IC-703 automatically switches into low current mode, thus allowing operation time of up to 7 hours*. While operating on high power, or 13.8V DC, the IC-703 can safely operate at a full 10W even if the power source drops to 11V DC.
* Tx:Rx:Stand-by =0.5:0.5:9 in SSB mode.

Stay on frequency, indoors or out

Whether safe indoors or exposed to the cold temperatures outdoors, the IC-703 will be right on frequency with the standard ±0.5ppm TCXO.

High sensitivity

The IC-703's receiver performance is in the same class as that of high end base stations: 0.16µV at 10dB S/N for 1.8 to 30MHz bands and 0.13µV for 50MHz at 10dB S/N (in SSB and CW modes).

Remote control head allows for easy operation while outdoors

Operate while hiking without fumbling for the controls. Use with the optional OPC-581 (3.5m; 11ft) or OPC-587 (5m; 16ft) separation cables to remote the control head where its easy to see and use, allowing the compact body, measuring only 167(W) × 58(H) × 200(D) mm* and weighing 2.0kg, to be carried out of the way.
* 6 9/16×2 9/32×7 7/8 in; 4.4lb

Built-in memory CW keyer

The IC-703 has a built-in CW Memory Keyer with three memory locations and up to 50 characters per memory location.

Other keyer features include a variable CW pitch control (300.900Hz); operation with a bug; iambic paddles; or straight key. All these functions are available even when in low current mode.


Utilizing the TRUE RTTY mode, FSK, the IC-703 generates the tones internally for the cleanest possible signal on the band.

Also, whether operating FSK or AFSK data, you can tweak the IC-703 to be the perfect portable RTTY machine by adding the optional FL-52A filter.

Built-in SWR analyzer

Check out your antenna's SWR with the internal SWR analyzer. The resolution of the
IC-703's SWR graph bandwidth is adjustable from 10/50/100/500kHz.

Spectrum scope

Catch band activity at a glance with the spectrum scope. With the operating frequency in the center of the display, each step either to the left or right of center is selectable from 0.5/1/2/5/10/20/100 kHz steps

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