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Midian TVS-2-IC1

( Voice Scrambler Module )

Brand: Midian
Model: TVS-2-IC1

Encryption Type: Rolling Code
Radio Compactibility: Icom F-series radios
Midian Electronics' TVS-2 series of tactical high-security rolling code voice scramblers offers protection against even determined listeners. By using true frequency hopping rather than frequency sweeping, Midian's TVS-2 offers higher security than competitive rolling code scramblers. While competitive rolling code voice scramblers claim up to 1,000 hops per second, each of these hops are only a cycle or two in length. Midian's TVS-2 hops 6 to 12 times per second in standard mode and 13 to 25 times per second in advanced mode. Each hop is several hundred cycles in length.

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