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BP Solar

BP Solar BP 380

( 80 Watts Solar Cells Module )

Brand: BP Solar
Model: BP 380

Size: 1209 x 537 x 50 mm
Voltage: 12 V
Power: 80 W
BP 380
The BP 380 is an advanced 80W photvoltaic module utilising multicrystalline cells with anti-reflective silicon nitride (SiN) coating and features IntegraBusTM technology. IntegraBusTM a printed circuit board with integrated diodes that is especially designed to ensure reliability whilst conducting higher currents. This solar module is as equally suited to grid connect applications (such as residential systems or installations on commercial roofs) as traditional solar applications, such as telecommunications and rural electrification. This 36-cell module offers a superior value – greater performance from a white polyester back-sheet and innovative, high-efficiency cells.
Rated power  :  80W
Nominal voltage  :  12V
Solar Cells  :  36 cells
Size  :  1209 x 537 x 50mm

Weight  :  7.7 kg 

BP SOLAR . BP 380 . BP380 . Photovoltaic Module . 12 Volts . 80 Watts . 36-cells

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