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VertexStandard VXR-9000

( VHF / UHF Radio Repeater )

Brand: VertexStandard
Model: VXR-9000

Frequency: 134-160, 148-174/450-490, 480-512 MHz
O/P Power: 25/50 Watt
Type: Rack Mount

The new VXR-9000 is a rack mount 50 W,  32 channel repeater.  It can be used in Base or Repeat mode. 

Six programmable function keys are located up front for easy operation.  With over 20 different functions available in programming, the function keys can assist with common functions custom designed to your needs.

There is an up front loudspeaker with volume for monitoring.  Add the optional desk mic and you have a fully function base station with 32 channels and scan.

The rear panel has inputs for backup power if your main DC power supply should fail (there is no internal power supply).  If the repeater does revert to the backup DC supply, it can be programmed to send a CW alert over the air to let you know of the problem.  There are many programmable CW messages that can used.

Features like intelligent built in fan, command sequences, multi-tone operation push this repeater to the next level !

  Backup Power Supply
For uninterrupted operation during power failures, a 12-volt rechargeable type battery (55-Ah or more recommended) may be connected to the BACKUP terminal posts on the rear panel.

In the event of an unexpected interruption of the Main DC Power Source, the automatic power control circuit will automatically switch the repeater to the backup battery, and operation will not be interrupted.

  Programmable Function Keys
There are six programmable function keys on the front face of the repeater. There are over 20 functions available for programming to these buttons. Each button can also have a secondary function for a total of 12 separate functions from a relatively simple layout. Functionality and ease of use.   Built in intelligent fan

Spacings:12.5/25 kHz
Frequency Range: 134-160 / 148-174 MHz
450-490 / 480-512 MHz
Power Out:25 W continous / 50 W intermittent
Power Source:DC 13.6 V 12 A
Dimensions:19 x 3.5 x 13.5 in
Shipping Weight:21.4 pounds

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