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VertexStandard VXR-7000

( VHF / UHF Radio Repeater )

Brand: VertexStandard
Model: VXR-7000

Frequency: 136-150, 150-174/450-480,480-512 MHz
O/P Power: 50 Watt
Type: Desktop

Vertex Standard - VXR-7000 50W VHF/UHFDesktop Repeater

Whether used as a base station, with its attractive housing and user-friendly controls, or as remote repeater in the most demanding environments, the VXR-7000 will provide years of reliable service.  


The VXR-7000 is a base station / repeater. As a base, it can be used with the optional MD-11A8J desktop microphone. It has a front facing speaker for loud and clear receive audio and 16 channels to select from.  The built in DTMF decoder is a perfect fit with our Emergency and ANI functions built into our mobiles and portables !


As a repeater, it has a built in multi-tone feature that allows it to operate up to 16 sub-audible signaling tones on a single channel !


It can also be used at the same time as a full featured repeater and a base station. If the dispatcher presses the PTT, it automatically switches to base mode and switches back to repeat mode as soon as the PTT is released.

With a long list of built in features, the VXR-7000 Series Base/Repeater Station sets the standard for mid-power, continuous duty base station and repeater applications. This unit offers unmatched features for all segments of industry and Public Safety.

Channels: 16
Spacings:12.5/25 kHz
Frequency Range: 136-150 / 150-174 MHz
450-480 / 480-512 MHz
Power Out:50 W continous duty
Power Source:AC 110/230 V
Dimensions:12.8 x 4.5 x 15.4 in
Shipping Weight:22 pounds

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