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GARMIN Discontinued

GARMIN Discontinued GPS-12XL

( Portable Handheld GPS Navigator )

Brand: GARMIN Discontinued
Model: GPS-12XL

Map Source: No
Accuracy: 15 Meter
Power: 4 AA

When your idea of an outdoor adventure means getting way off the beaten path, you demand the most of yourself and your equipment. And when the time comes to head back to civilization, you'll enjoy the peace of mind that the Garmin® GPS 12XL has to offer.
The GPS 12XL is all about performance. It features a 12 parallel channel receiver for amazingly fast satellite aquisition and tight satellite lock—even under tree cover. More than just an ultra-reliable receiver, the GPS 12XL is loaded with navigation information including 106 map datums and 7 grid formats, plus advanced orienteering features like user datum/UTM/and user grid formats to define your own map parameters. Store your position as one of 500 waypoints or add it to any of 20 routes. The proximity waypoint feature gives advanced warning of nearby hazards, while the position averaging function helps get the best fix possible.
Packed in a rugged case to handle tough conditions, the GPS 12XL uses an ergonomic rocker keypad for easy one-hand operation and features a user-friendly operating system to keep you on the move instead of pushing buttons. Four AA batteries provide up to 24 hours of use and a variety of accessories can be added like an external antenna and mounting bracket. With the GPS 12XL, getting there won't be half the battle—it'll be half the fun.

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