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Luxul FP-5X-15

( Wifi Circular Polarized Antenna )

Brand: Luxul
Model: FP-5X-15

Frequency: 4900 - 5850 MHz
Gain: 15 dBi
Type: Circular Polarized

Flat Panel High Gain 15 dBi Antenna

The Luxul Circular Polarized Flat Panel is a high gain antenna designed for the 5.X GHz frequency. It is the PERFECT solution for placing on a house or building where a low profile is desired, yet it packs the same punch as products 4 times the size and twice the cost!

Achieving maximum performance and gain with an attractive, low profile design makes this antenna the ideal choice for indoor and outdoor.


Open Range > 5 miles

Gain: 15 dBi

F/B ratio: 16 dB

Beam width: 70o

VSWR: <1.45

Impedance: 50 Ohm

Dimensions: 4" x 4" x 1.5"

Weight: 7.0 oz

Connector: N/female

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