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Cushcraft S2406BP

( Wifi Base Antenna )

Brand: Cushcraft
Model: S2406BP

Frequency: 2400 - 2500 MHz
Gain: 6 dBd
Type: Omni Pole Mount
2.4 GHz Monopole Omni Directional Antenna
Cushcraft recently engineered a 6 dBd (8 dBi) Omnidirectional antenna for the 2400 – 2500 MHz frequency band. The antenna exhibits a 13 degree E-Plane beamwidth.
The mounting hardware for the S2406BP is a heavy duty extruded aluminum bracket and stainless steel U-bolt configuration allowing the antenna to be mast mounted in harsh environments.
The radome is constructed of durable polycarbonate. The antenna is ideal for ISM band applications where additional gain is required either to increase coverage area or to mitigate the attenuation resulting from long coax runs. The standard configuration is an N female connector on a 7” coax pigtail. Other connector options and pigtail lengths are available upon request. The S2406BP is an excellent antenna solution for industrial campuses or other point/multipoint applications.

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