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2N Easygate

( Fixed Wireless )

Brand: 2N
Model: Easygate

Description: Analog Fixed Wireless Terminal
System: GSM
Features: SMS, Fax
The analog 2N EasyGate gateway has been designed not only for Voice transmission between your PBX and GSM networks, but also for Data, SMS and G3 Analog Fax transmission.


  • Dramatic cost reduction
  • 2-wire, FXS interface (for analog phone or PBX CO line)
  • Serial port for GPRS/CSD connection
  • FXS port for CSD connection
  • G3 Analog fax sending & receiving
  • ETSI FSK - Calling Line Identification
  • SMS Server for SMS sending & receiving
  • 12V power supply
  • Periodical Gateway Status SMS message
  • Automatic SMS sending activated by an external signal

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