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Tokyo High Power

Tokyo High Power HL-1.2K

( Solid State 750 Watts HF Amplifier )

Brand: Tokyo High Power
Model: HL-1.2K

Frequency: 10 Mtr to 160 Mtr
I/P Power: 90 Watt
O/P Power: 750 Watt



  1.8 - 28MHz  all amateur bands including WARC bands



  RF Drive

  75 - 90W

  Output Power

  SSB  750W PEP max. ,  CW 650W,    RTTY 400W

  Final Transistor

  SD2933 x4  ( MOS FET by ST micro )


  Class AB parallel push-pull   
  Cooling Method   Forced Air Cooling 
  Multi - Meter  Output  Pf 1kW, Reflected Power  100W, Drain Voltage   Vd 60V, Drain Current  Id 50A
  Input / Output Connectors  Type M-J ( UHF SO-239 )
  AC Power  1.4kVA max. when TX   AC 100/110/115/120V,   AC 200/220/230/240V
  Dimensions  9.1 x 5.6 x 14.3 inches  (W x H x D)


  Approx. 33lbs. 


  AC Power Cord x 1, RCA Plug x 2, Spare Fuse 8A ( for AC230V line ) x 2, Spare Fuse 15A ( for AC115V line ) x 2, Spare Fuse 1A x 2,  Spare Fuse 2A x 1, User Manual x 1

TOKYO HY-POWER . HL-1.2K . HL1.2K . HF . Amplifier . 750 Watts . Solid-state . Linear

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