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VertexStandard VX-427

( UHF Commercial 2-Way Radio HT )

Brand: VertexStandard
Model: VX-427

Frequency (MHz): D: 450-485
O/P Power (Watt): 5
Type: 32 channels
The VX-427 is one of the latest portables in the Vertex Standard line. It is the most featured packed sub-compact portable to date.Features: 8-character Alpha Numeric Display, 6 programmable function keys, 32 channels, 5 Watts, 2-tone encode/decode, 5-tone encode/decode, Inversion scrambler, Multiple Scan Modes, DTMF ANI and many other 'standard' features.There are also options for: Digital Voice Storage and Rolling Code Encryption.

This radio will prove to be one of the best values you could find on the market today.

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