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Yaesu VX-127

( VHF Walkie Talkie Amateur Radio HT )

Brand: Yaesu
Model: VX-127

Frequency (MHz): 430 - 450
O/P Power (Watt): 5
Type: Water Resistant

The VX-127 is an ultra-rugged 5-Watt 430 MHz hand-held transceiver designed for the most demanding applications. Featuring big receiver audio (almost 3/4 of a Watt!) and long battery life, the VX-127 is designed to meet IPX7 specifications for weatherproofing (immersion to one meter of watter for up to 30 minutes).

The VX-127 utilizes an 8-key pad for command and control functions.

 Wide Receiver Coverage
The VX-177 covers 420-470 MHz (U.S. version), so you can monitor commercial and government transmissions adjacent to the Amateur band.
 Loud Receiver Audio
The oversized internal speaker produces 700 mW of crisp, clean audio power, allowing you to hear important incoming transmissions even in noisy public service or emergency operations.
 200 Memory Channels
The VX-177 includes provision for storage of up to 200 memories, which may be allocated into as many as ten Memory Banks. Alpha/Numeric Labeling (up to six characters) of memories is also provided.
 Long Battery Life
The supplied FNB-83 Ni-MH Battery has a capacity of 1400 mAh for hours of operation after other radios have shut down with dead batteries.
 CTCSS and DCS Built In
The VX-127 includes full-featured CTCSS and DCS (Digital Code Squelch) tone control systems, for easy repeater access and/or silent monitoring of busy channels. "Split Tone" mode allows you to encode CTCSS and decode DCS, or vice-versa. And a "Reverse Tone" mode may also be engaged, to silence your radio's receiver when a matching CTCSS tone is received (to avoid the annoyance caused by interference from a distant repeater during times of enhanced propagation).
 And Much, Much More. . .

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