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Yaesu FC-30

( Coaxial Automatic Antenna Tuner )

Brand: Yaesu
Model: FC-30

Frequency: 1.8 - 30 MHz
Power: 100 Watt
Type: Auto Coax Tuner

FC-30 is a high-speed, relay-controlled Automatic Antenna Tuner utilizing a combination of sixteen capacitors and nine low- loss coils to reduce SWR as presented to the transceiver feedpoint.

Impedances of 17 to 150 Ohms may be tuned by the FC-30 on HF (25 to 100 Ohms on 50 MHz), and the lightning-fast tuning ensures that you won't miss out on the DX.

FC-30 is an option for FT- 897 radio, addding less than 2" to the total width of the FT- 897 assembly.

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