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Midland Alan 8001S

( CB Mobile Radio )

Brand: Midland
Model: Alan 8001S

Frequency: 26.965 - 27.405 MHz
Power: 4 W
Modes: AM / FM / SSB


ALAN 8001 S is a mobile transceiver, simple and easy to use, ideal for long distance "DX" connections.

ALAN 8001 S

is equipped with 17 controls and 5 indicators such as, for example,

the microphone gain adjustment knob (MIC GAIN), the modulation selector (AM-FM-LSB-USB),

the SWR-CAL / RF PWR knob that allows the control of the antenna calibration (SWR-CAL) or the

RF power output adjustment.

Alan 8001 S Plus at 4W AM - 4W FM - 4W SSB

Main features

› External Squelch

› Microphone gain

› SWR CAL: immediate antenna calibration control

› RF power selection: RF output power adjustment in AM-FM

› Modulation selection (AM-FM-LSB-USB)

› Clarifier: possibility of varying receiver operating frequency over and under the assigned

frequency. Function essential for SSB signals, it can improve AM/FM signals

› Frequency meter: accurate reception and transmission frequency display

› Choice between measuring device output power or modulation

› NB/ANL: reception signal optimization eliminating impulse disturbances

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