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( Amateur Antenna Tuner )

Brand: MFJ
Model: MFJ-989D

Frequency: 1.8 - 30 MHz
Power: 1500 Watt
Type: High Power Tuner

New and improved! World’s most popular legal limit antenna tuner just got better -- with no increase in price! You get better efficiency, lower losses, and a new true peak-reading meter. Easily handles full 1500 Watts SSB/CW, 1.8 to 30 MHz including MARS/WARC bands.

  • New 500 pF air variable capacitors
  • New AirCore™ Roller Inductor with new fast-tune Crank Knob
  • New TrueActive™ Peak-Reading Cross-Needle SWR/Wattmeter
  • New High-Voltage Current Balun
  • New rugged Cabinet maintains hi-Q
Made in the U.S.A.

The world’s most popular legal limit antenna tuner just got better -- much better -- with no increase in price!

You get better efficiency, lower losses and a new true peak reading SWR/Watt-meter. It easily handles full 1500 Watts SSB/CW and covers 1.8 to 30 MHz, including MARS and WARC bands into balanced or unbalanced loads.

You can match dipoles, verticals, inverted vees, random wires, beams, balanced lines, coax, mobile whips, shortwave -- nearly any antenna.

You get everything you’ve ever wanted in a high power, full featured antenna tuner -- extremely wide matching range, lighted Cross-Needle SWR/Wattmeter, antenna switch, dummy load and balun.

Massive Transmitting Capacitors

New huge 500 pF air variable capacitors give you twice the capacitance for much more efficient operation on 160 and 80 Meters.

Specially shaped plates give low mini- mum capacitance resulting in an extremely wide matching range -- 160 thru 10 Meters.

New larger, more attractive capacitor knobs with easy-to-see dials make tuning much easier and precise.

MFJ AirCore™ Roller Inductor with new fast-tune Crank Knob

New and improved AirCor™ Roller Inductor gives you lower losses, higher Q and handles more power with no self-resonances. It gives you cool, efficient and smooth tuning on all bands and it’s air core can’t burn up!

Large, self-cleaning wiping contact gives excellent low-resistance connection without contact arcing or burning.

New fast-tune crank knob lets you reset your roller inductor quickly, smoothly and accurately. A precision gear driven 3-digit turns counter lets you accurately reset your roller inductor for quick band changing.

TrueActive™ Peak Reading SWR/Wattmeter

New TrueActive™ peak reading SWR/ Wattmeter lets you read true peak or average power on all modes. Large, easy-to-read illuminated Cross-Needle meter lets you read SWR and forward/reflected (3000/ 300 Watt ranges) power at a single glance.

Uses 9-Volt battery and/or 12 VDC.

MFJ High Voltage Current Balun

New high voltage current balun lets you tune high and low impedance balanced lines without core saturation or voltage breakdown.

It’s constructed with two giant 2½ inch toroid cores and wound with high voltage wire connected to high-voltage glazed ceramic feedthrough insulators.

Super Antenna Switch

MFJ-989D’s super heavy duty antenna switch is made of two individual ceramic wafers wired in parallel. Extra wide spaced, heavy duty contacts handle extreme voltages and currents. We’ve never burned one up!

You can select two coax antennas (directly or through tuner), balanced line/ random wire, or built-in dummy load.

Built-in Dummy Load

A full-size 300 Watt non-inductive 50 Ohm dummy load is built-in.

You’ll find it handy for transmitter tuning, testing and repairing rigs, setting power level, adjusting mic gain and more.

New Cabinet maintains high Q

New roomy cabinet helps maintain components’ high Q. Vent holes keeps components cool. Super construction -- non-stripping PEM nuts, wing-nut ground post, fire-retardant epoxy glass PC board, and heavy gauge wire throughout. Measures 12 7/8 W x 6 H x 11 5/8 D inches.

Lexan Front Panel

The MFJ-989D has a new nearly indestructable multi-color Lexan front panel. Its detailed logging scales and legends will be legible for a lifetime of DXing.

Wide Range T-Network

The MFJ-989D uses the time-tested wide range T-Matching Network. It gives you the widest matching range and is the easiest to use of all matching networks. With MFJ’s new high value 500 pF air variable capacitors and new low loss roller inductor, it easily handles high power efficiently.

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