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Cushcraft AR270B

( VHF/UHF Ringo Dual Band Antenna )

Brand: Cushcraft
Model: AR270B

Frequency: 144 - 148 / 430 - 450 MHz
Gain: 7.0/5.5 dBi
Type: Omni VHF/UHF Band
This model gives very high gain with a low angle of radiation and it is only 7.7 feet(2.35m) high. The AR270B is computer optimized with two 5/8 wavelength collinear elements on 2 meters and four 5/8 wavelengths on 70 cm. It is broadbanded for minimum SWR on both bands. It is easy to asseble with three rugged aluminum tubing sections, a durable mast mount and factory sealed coils for best performance.

Model AR270B
Frequency, MHz 144-148(430-450)
Gain, dBi 5.5(7.5)
Height, ft(m) 7.7(2.3)
Horizontal Radiation Pattern Degrees 360(360)
Mast size range, in.(cm) 1.25-2(3.2-5.1)
Power Rating, Watts FM 250(250)
Radial Length, in(cm) 6.75(17.1)
SWR 1.2:1 Typical 2:1 Bandwidth, MHz >4(>15)
Weight, lb(kg) 2.4(1.09)
Wind load ft (m) sq 0.47(0.044)

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