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Cushcraft ARX-2B

( VHF Ringo Ranger 2-Meter Antenna )

Brand: Cushcraft
Model: ARX-2B

Frequency: 136 - 150 MHz
Gain: 7.0 dBi
Type: Omni VHF Vertical
Our Ringo Ranger II has more gain, less windload, and more mechanical integrity than other two meter antennas. You'll quickly appreciate the benefits of this amazing antenna! Based on the original W1BX Ringo, the Ringo Ranger II is the latest design featuring three 5/8 wave radiating elements and an adjustable 1/8 wave phasing stub. The result is a very low angle of radiation over your coverage area. The Ringo Ranger II has built-in lightning protection, UV stabilized insulators, heavy wall tubing, improved decoupling radials to eliminate feedline radiation, and all-weather performance
Model ARX2B
Frequency, MHz 135-160
Gain, dBi 7.0
Height, ft(m) 14(4.3)
Horizontal Radiation Pattern Degrees 360
Mast size range, in.(cm) 1-1.25(2.54-3.1)
Power Rating, Watts FM 1000
Radial Length, in(cm) 20.5(52.1)
Radiation angle, deg. 7
Radiator Base Dia, in(cm) .75(1.9)
Ring Diameter in(cm) 5(12.7)
SWR 1.2:1 Typical 2:1 Bandwidth, MHz >3
Weight, lb(kg) 6(2.7)
Wind load ft (m) sq 0.5(0.05)

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