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RF Net

RF Net APRT-2518G/GS

( Wireless LAN Router )

Brand: RF Net
Model: APRT-2518G/GS

Configuration As: Router
Built In Ant: Yes
Frequency: 2.4 GHz


Wireless G/Super G Router RFNet APRT-2518g is designed and built as an ideal gateway router for small office & home office, small & medium enterprise with a small budget for setting up a wired and wireless network. By connecting to the DSL/Cable modem, up to 30 office staff can share the company's Internet resources wirelessly.Equips with enhanced firewall and wireless security features, the APRT-2518g offers a good value and performance ratio for the entreprise.To meet the challenge of having high bandwidth, data speed, and wireless security for multi-media application in wireless local area network, RFNet has designed and built the APRT-2518gs Super G Router to address this critical success factor in today's competitive market Working with 108Mbps Super G client card, APRT-2518gs is capable of providing high TCP/IP throughput, ideal for indoor wireless multi-media applications. Key Features and Benefits:
• Budget SOHO/SME/SMB Gateway Router
• 54Mbps (g) and 108Mbps (gs) Access Point
• High Throughput (TCP/IP) Performance (gs)
º WAN to LAN up to 69Mbps
º LAN to WLAN up to 46Mbps
º WLAN to WAN up to 29.7Mbps
• Enhanced Firewall SPI and NAT
• Supper static WLAN WEP up to 152 bits encryption
• Wireless WPA Security & support Radius Server
• MAC address Access Control
• Disable Wireless SSID Broadcast
• IEEE 802.11 b & g compliant radio
• CE, FCC & iDA Singapore Regulatory Approval
• 2 years limited warranty

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