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RF Net

RF Net APRT-2801GS

( Wireless LAN Router )

Brand: RF Net
Model: APRT-2801GS

Configuration As: Router
Built In Ant: Yes
Frequency: 2.4 GHz
Wireless Super G Router - With File & Print Server The APRT-2801GS Combo router is a "5-in-1" innovative product, which consists of a file server, print server (optional print sharing capability, available in Q1 2007), wired and wireless Local Area Network (LAN) and router. It is a single box solution that is unique and unparalleled in the market.File ServerThe APRT-2801GS Combo router supports external USB Storage devices to serve as a USB File Server. This storage concept allows for easy expansion and for upgrading storage capacity. Supported by the Common Internet File Sharing (CIFS) technology, users can easily access the shared USB drive via wired or wireless networks. This USB File Server supports up to 40 user accounts and 8 storage partitions (FAT 32/16 disk format). It is an ideal solution for SMEs, Home Offices and consumers. With a low power consumption of 15 watts, it is a cost-effective alternative to a computer file server, at a fraction of the price of a server. Furthermore, the use of an embedded operation system minimizes corruption to operating systems. SecurityEquipped with the latest WiFi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) wireless security, it prevents unauthorized access to your network. It also supports IEEE 802.1x external Radius server authentication and Virtual Private Network (VPN) pass through. The enhanced Stateful Package Inspection (SPI) and Network Address Translation (NAT) firewall provides further isolation between the Internet and your Intranet. Extended RangePowered by Atheros' extended range and dual antennas diversity, it provides two times more coverage than normal 'g'. Also equipped with Atheros' 'super g' provides data rate up to 108Mbps. All these features work together with Atheros' extended range 'super g' wireless LAN client adaptor. It supports IEEE802.11'b'/'g' and 'super g' users concurrently, giving versatility and flexibility with wider coverage and higher speed to your wireless network. Key Features and Benefits:
• Built with two USB 2.0 ports for
º Network storage sharing
º Printer sharing (Optional upgrade, available Q1 2007)
• High Throughput (TCP/IP) Performance
º WAN to LAN up to 69Mbps
º LAN to WLAN up to 46Mbps
º WLAN to WAN up to 29.7Mbps
• 108Mbps data rate
• Enhance Firewall SPI and NAT
• Supper static WLAN WEP up to 152 bits encryption
• WPA2 Security & support Radius Server
• MAC address Access Control
• Disable Wireless SSID Broadcast
• IEEE 802.11'b'/'g' compliant radio
• CE & iDA Singapore Regulatory Approval
• 2 years limited warranty

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