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RF Net

RF Net AP-1061-POE

( Wireless Network Access Point )

Brand: RF Net
Model: AP-1061-POE

Configuration As: Access Point - Outdoor
Built In Ant: No
Frequency: 2.4 GHz
RFNet 802.11b/g Outdoor Access Point
Point to
Multi-Points Wireless BridgeRFNet outdoor access point is an intelligent radio wireless access point designed for near/far Line of Sight Point-to-Multipoint connectivity. The radio provides highly concentrated wireless networks, allowing it to cover large areas and provide intelligent broadband services for enterprise class users. Operating in the license free band frequency of 2.4GHz , it is configurable both as Access Point or client station with a throughput of up to 30Mbps. When pairing with an AP1068 using directional antenna, it can reach up to a range of 8km point to point.With upcoming Quality of Service (QoS) and optimized low latency architecture, it effectively prioritizes traffic for data, voice and video. Armed with Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) ensures network security. With intelligent networking features and flexible configurations, it is the ideal solution for remote video surveillance and video conferencing services.AP-1061 can auto-negotiate for IP address in a DHCP network. It will get IP address from Ethernet side when in AP mode. It will get IP address from wireless side when in bridge slave mode.User could reduce the transmission power to minimize interference to others or reduce radio cell size. It can display the signal strength of all associated client wireless & prevent wireless client from communicating to each other. It also has the capability to support up to 250 Client association and 50 concurrent users.Key Features and Benefits:
• Industrial grade IP67 Casing
• Up to 8 km range with External Antenna
• Up to 108 Mbps (Turbo Mode)
• Power Over UTP DC supply
• Wireless Isolation between wireless clients
• MAC address Access Control
• Software controllable RF Power Output
• Support seamless roaming between AP with same subnet
• Up to 250 associations and 50 con-current users
• Support wireless distribution system (WDS)
• Support static WLAN WEP up to 152 bits encryption
• WPA with Radius Server (In AP mode)
• IP address discovery software (Viper Quick Start)
• Firmware upgradeable through web-server and telnet
• Web-based management

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