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RF Net

RF Net AP-1010-CPE

( Wireless Network Access Point )

Brand: RF Net
Model: AP-1010-CPE

Configuration As: AP/Client/Bridge
Built In Ant: Yes
Frequency: 2.4 GHz
Low Cost Access Point & CPE The RFNet AP-1010 series is designed for carriers and service providers to address the last-miles wireless infrastructure solution with high performance at low cost.The RFNet AP-1010 series comes in two models:
The AP-1010-GLD - configurable both as AP or CPE (Available Nov 2006)
The AP-1010-CPE - operable as CPE only
The rugged outdoor casing complies with IP65 standard and resistant to water and dust. With the integrated 14dbi antenna, and data rate of up to 108Mbps on Turbo mode, AP-1010 series has tested to provide up to 20Mbps of TCP throughput over a distance of 6km. Data encryption such as WEP, WPA-PSK and WPA provide the necessary security and make interoperation with other equipment possible. Tighter access control can be made with the use of MAC address filtering. Additionally, AP-1010's power over Ethernet saves cabling cost and simplifies installation. Key Features and Benefits:
•   Industrial grade IP65 Casing
•   Distance, up to 3km range (PTMP) with integrated 14dBi antenna
•   Data rate, up to 108 Mbps in Turbo Mode
•   Power Over Ethernet DC supply
•   Remote Access Point Association Control
•   MAC address Access Control
•   Software controllable RF power output
•   Support seamless roaming within same subnet between AP
•   Support wireless distribution system (WDS)
•   Wireless Isolation between clients
•   Support static WEP up to 152 bits encryption
•   MAC Address Access Control
•   WPA with Radius Server (In AP mode)
•   WPA-PSK (AES and TKIP)
•   Web-based management
•   IP address discovery software (Viper Quick Start)
•   Firmware upgradeable through web-server and telnet
•   LED indicator for RFLink and Power

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