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ACes R190

( Satellite Phone Handheld )

Brand: ACes
Model: R190

Satellite Net: ACeS
GSM Net: GSM 900
Fixed / Mobile: Mobile
ACeS R190

This is the worlds smallest mobile satellite phone. It weighs less than 200 grams, measures similar to contemporary GSM phones and is a dual mode phone : ACeS Satellite and GSM 900.

The ACeS system also includes several high-quality personal mobile satellite communication capabilities that makes it user-friendly and extremely flexible. For example, digital voice, alerting and paging services, data transmission, call transfer, call forwarding, call waiting, call holding, conference calls, three-party service, call barring, operator intervention, assistance, call trace. The ACeS handset provides a voice quality similar to digital cellular systems.

- Full Regional Coverage
- Dual Mode ACeS/ GSM 900
- Seamless Roaming Capability in ACeS and GSM900 networks.
- Pocket Size
- New Icon-Driven Menu
- Smart Dialling
- Flexible Phone Book Features
- Full Range of Accessories
- Support Supplementary services (network operator dependent) such as:
  • Short Message (SMS) in GSM Mode
  • SMS, cell broadcast in GSM Mode
  • CLI (CLIP/CLIR) in GSM Mode
  • AoC/I (Advice of Charge/Information) in GSM mode
  • AoC/C (Advice of Charge/Charging) in GSM mode
  • Call Hold/ Wait in ACeS and GSM mode
  • Multiparty in ACeS and GSM mode
  • Call Divert in ACeS and GSM mode
  • Call Barring in ACeS and GSM mode
  • Call Transfer in ACeS and GSM mode
  • Fixed Dialing numbers
NetworkACeS Satellite Network and GSM 900 Network
Size13 x 5 x 3.2 cm
Weight210 grams as with Ultra Slim Battery
Talk TimeUp to 2 hours 40 minutes (GSM 900/ ACeS)
Standby TimeUp to 47 hours (GSM 900) and Up to 42 hours (ACeS)
AntennaGSM and Satellite
Data/Fax9600bps (GSM) and 2400bps (ACeS)
SIM Card SizeISO/Small Plug-in SIM card
Voltage4 Volts
Speech QualityFR (Full Rate) Digital Encoded Voice quality
Display3 rows, English
Keypad16+ volume side keys
Phone Book99+SIM
Last Called Nos10
Missed Calls Nos10
Speed Dialing1 - 9
Personalized MelodyYes

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