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Ameritron AL-80B

( HF 1000 Watts RF Amplifier )

Brand: Ameritron
Model: AL-80B

Frequency: 10 Mtr to 160 Mtr
I/P Power: 100 Watt
O/P Power: 1000 Watt
You get up to a full kilowatt PEP output from a whisper quiet desktop linear. It's a compact 8.5"Hx15.5"Dx14.5"W and plugs into your nearest 120VAC outlet. Covers all bands 160-15 meters, including WARC and MARS (user modified for 10/12 meters with license). You get up to 1000 watts output on SSB, 800 watts output on CW, 500 watts output on RTTY, an extra heavy duty power supply, genuine 3-500 tube, nearly 70% efficiency, tuned input, Pi/Pi-L output, inrush current protection, multi-voltage transformer, dual Cross-Needle meters, QSK compatibility, Two Year Warranty, Made in USA, plus much more.

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