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Furuno GP-37

( Marine GPS Navigator )

Brand: Furuno
Model: GP-37

Display: 4.5" Mono LCD
Accuracy: 3 meters
Map: No

GP37 Features

  • Parallel Tracking GPS, WAAS and DGPS Receivers
  • Automatic or Manual available for both WAAS and DGPS Station Selection
  • Automatic priortization of GPS fixes in the following order: DGPS, WAAS, GPS
  • Up to 900 Knot Tracking Velocity
  • 20 Second Warm Start Acquisition
  • 1M or better accuracy with DGPS, 3M or better accuracy with WAAS (95% of the time, SA off)
  • 4.5 Inch Diagonal Silver Brite LCD Screen
  • World Wide DGPS Stations in Retained Memory
  • Multi-language Capability - English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Japanese
  • Display Modes available
    1. Plotter - 11 Plot Scales from 0.2 - 320 N.M.
    2. NavData - Position Indication in Lat./Long or Loran-C TD's
    3. Steering - Graphic Vessel Course, Position and Speed Information
    4. Highway - 8 Range Scales from 0.2 - 16 N.M.
    5. Analog or Digital Display Speedometer
  • New clearable TRIP odometer in addition to standard odometer
  • Multiple Alarms: Arrival, XTE, Anchor Watch and High/Low Speed Points, plus NEW Alarm Clock
  • Memory Capacity: 1000 Points of Vessel Track, 999 Waypoints or Marks,
    and 50 Routes comprised of up to 30 Waypoints
  • Waypoint Comments of up to 16 Characters, Events using 1 of 9 Symbols
  • Waypoint Entry by L/L or TD Position
  • PC Connection to Upload and Download Waypoints
  • Built-in Simulator for Showroom Display and Training

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