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Ameritron AL-811

( HF 600 Watts RF Amplifier )

Brand: Ameritron
Model: AL-811

Frequency: 10 Mtr to 160 Mtr
I/P Power: 100 Watt
O/P Power: 600 Watt

All band, All mode coverage
The AL-811 covers all HF bands. There's no compromise on WARC and most MARS bands -- you get 100% rated output. You can operate the AL-811 on all modes. Get 600 watts output PEP SSB and 500 watts output CW. You even get 400 watts on demanding continuous modes like RTTY, SSTV, FM and AM.

AMERITRON . AL-811 . AL811 . HF . Amplifier . 600 Watts . Linear

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