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( Marine GPS Chartplotter )

Model: GPSMAP 178C

Display: 320 x 320 pixels 256-color LCD
Accuracy: 15 meters
Map: Yes

GPSMAP 178C Sounder features

320 x 320-pixel, 256-color CSTN screen with adjustable CCFL backlight

3.2" H x 3.2" W (4.5" diagonal) viewing area

4.9”H x 6.3”W x 2.8”D unit dimensions

State-of-the-art 200 MHz processor makes data acquisition, panning, and zooming virtually instantaneous

  • Choose either a dual-frequency 50/200 kHz transducer for offshore boating or a single-frequency 200 kHz transducer for inland lakes and bays
  • See-Thru® technology (which separates fish from thermoclines and structure) and Depth Control Gain (DCG®) for detailed images of structure and bottom densities
  • New digital display technology offers an easy-to-read, semi-transparent digital readout that allows users to see sonar images "behind" the data
  • User waypoints are automatically tagged with the date and time of creation, as well as water temperature and depth—vital information for serious anglers
  • 10,000 active track points and 700 saved track points; database information can be stored on removable data cards and transferred to a PC or another unit
  • Sends, receives, and displays positioning data with DSC equipped VHF radios
  • TracBack™ mode helps guide you back to points along a route
  • Tracklines can be color-coded for trolling or cruising applications
  • 500-watt (RMS) 4000-watt (PTP) output with dual-frequency transducer
  • 400-watt (RMS) 3200-watt (PTP) output with single-frequency transducer
  • Adjustable range, gain, zoom, and bottom lock
  • Temperature log maintains a graphical record of temperature data
  • Shallow-water, deep-water, fish-by-size, timer, low-battery-voltage, anchor-drag, arrival, off-course, proximity-waypoint, and clock alarms
  • Water temperature and fish ID with depth alarms

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