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Cushcraft LAC-4N

( Antenna Lightning Surge Protector )

Brand: Cushcraft
Model: LAC-4N

Frequency: DC - 3000 MHz
Power: 100 Watt
Connector: N-F / N-F
Lightning Protection for your Equipment
The Cushcraft LAC-4 Series of lightning arresters are designed to protect your equipment from static electricity and lightning induced surges that travel on coaxial transmission lines. The LAC-4 protects your equipment from surges up to 5,000 Amperes.
The Cushcraft LAC-4 is superior to other available devices because it presents a constant impedance to your transmission line. Mechanically, the LAC-4 has been designed to last. All of the mechanical connections are positively secured. The gas discharge tube is easily changed by the user if necessary.

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