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( Commercial HT 2-Way Radio Walkie Talkie )

Brand: ICOM
Model: IC-F3GT

Frequency (MHz): 136 - 150, 146 - 174
O/P Power (Watt): 5
Type: VHF Commercial
IC-F3GT   VHF transceiver with keypad

Supports demanding communication with simple operation

Durability, dependability, operation simplicity, style, ruggedness, economical use, and more are required for commercial transceivers. But only a few such transceivers are available, particularly for portables. Now from ICOM__the IC-F3G series of portable transceivers aim to become the most highly reputable of all commercials. Superior performance and features, everything you require is included. Icom\'s technology gives you satisfaction you never knew before.

Supports multiple signalling and flexible selective calling
CTCSS/DTCS encoder/decoder, and DTMF, 2/5-tone encoder with user programmable CTCSS, DTCS capabilities, are built-in. The optional UT-96+ (for 2/5tone), or UT-108+ (for DTMF) allows decode with ANI functions. In addition, special tone code, for group, and individual calls, and more features are available to support flexible, perfect selective calling operations.
  • 7-digit code can be used as the 5-tone
  • Direct individual station/group call with/without own ID transmission, or though repeater
  • Selectable 5-tone format includes user tone format programming capability (Encode and Decode frequencies, Tone period, No-tone timer, and Tone length)
  • Text or ID number indication
  • Desired 5-tone code entering for both individual and group call
  • Transceiver remote control__stun, kill, and scan start/stop functions
  • Selectable comparing digit code for decoding
  • Selective calling capability from a public telephone (UT-108 DTMF DECODER is required; base/repeater station must be connected to the public telephone network)

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