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Shakespeare 476

( Marine Boat/Ship Antenna )

Brand: Shakespeare
Model: 476

Frequency: 156 - 158 MHz
Gain: 10 db
Type: Land-based
 21 ft Vert

Shakespeare Style 476
21 ft. (6.40 M) VHF Marine Band 10dB

Phased ½-wave elements in a collinear array with a broadband matching section, and a coaxial choking sleeve

Designed to get the message through when all others fail. Its unique design puts the signal on the horizon, providing gain in all directions. For heavy duty seagoing applications, such as workboats, tugs, tidal well service boats, etc. An excellent choice for land-based stations.

  • Brass and copper internal elements
  • SO-239 connector at the base
  • Mount: The 476 has a 2¾in diameter x 26in long 6061-T-6 aluminum sleeve which can be strapped directly to a mast or used with Shakespeare Style 483 Clamp Set or Style 484 Wall Mounting Brackets (each sold separately)
  • One section.
  • 10dB Gain

Shakespeare 476 Specifications


VHF Marine Band

Antenna Gain:


Max. Input Power:

350 watts


nominally 1.5:1 at 156.8 MHz


10 MHz within 2.0:1 VSWR


Aluminum sleeve for mast mounting






50 Ohms

DC Ground:

Special - DC Grounded, but reads "open" on ohm meter

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