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Mirage A-1015G

( VHF Solid State RF Amplifier )

Brand: Mirage
Model: A-1015G

Frequency: 50 - 54 MHz
I/P Power: 5 - 10 Watt
O/P Power: 150 Watt
The A-1015-G is the worlds most popular all mode FM/SSB/CW 6 Meter amplifier.
Bust through 6 Meters with 150 Watts of brute power and work exotic DX!
A built in low noise GaAsFET receive preamps gives you 20 dB gain -- Lets you dig out weak signals and score exotic DX on sporadic E!.
The A-1015-G is ideal for your 1 to 15 watt transceiver, mobile or base station.
You'll talk further, longer and clearer on all modes -- FM, SSB or CW. Hear weak signals better than you've ever heard before! Get up to 150 powerful watts.
Extra heavy-duty heatsink spans entire length of cabinet. Draws 18-22 amps at 13.8 VDC. Weighs just 5 lbs, measures a compact 12"x3"x5.5 inches.

MIRAGE . A-1015G . A1015 . VHF . 50-54 MHz . Amplifier . 150 Watts . Solid-state . Linear

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