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Pacific Wireless

Pacific Wireless OD49-11D1

( Wifi Base Omnidirectional Antenna )

Brand: Pacific Wireless
Model: OD49-11D1

Frequency: 4940 - 4990 MHz
Gain: 11 dBi
Type: Omni Directional
11 dBi Antenna Gain
Type N Female Integrated Bulkhead Connector
Rugged, Lightweight and Waterproof
The 4.9GHz Omni Directional antenna systems offered by Pacific Wireless are constructed of UV-stable fiberglass with all stainless steel brackets standard. They have Type N female bulkhead connectors. The horizontal pattern is a full 360 degrees with gain flatness better than 2dB. Some models are available with Electrical Downtilt for better close-in coverage.

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