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Rutland Rutland 503

( Wind Generator )

Brand: Rutland
Model: Rutland 503

Max Output: 60W @ 50 knots
Min Wind: 5 knots
Size: 50 cm
A completely unique mini windcharger designed with the weekend yachtsman in mind. The Rutland 503 is ideal for trickle charging batteries on board vessels less that 10m in length with battery banks of up to 100Ah. This latest model follows the success of its predecessor the Rutland 500 with a number of enhancements including performance and styling.
  • 'Safety turbine'; is a single injection moulding of 6 aerofoil blades protected by an outer ring.
  • Trickle charges in windspeeds as low as 5 Knots Produces 25w in 19 Knots.
  • Produces up to 60w, nominally 5A @ 12V in 50 Knots.
  • Stainless steel fasteners and marine grade materials.
  • Turbine diameter of 500mm.
  • Compact turning radius of just 225mm, great for when space is at a premium.

Wind Generator

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