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( VHF Walkie Talkie Amateur Radio HT )

Brand: ICOM
Model: IC-V8

Frequency (MHz): 144 - 148
O/P Power (Watt): 4
Type: VHF Amateur
Quality, simplicity, anywhere
Tough construction
The green polycarbonate front panel and aluminum die-cast chassis provide durability. The 54(W)×132(H)×35(D)mm* compact ergonomic body is easy for carrying anywhere.
* 218(W)×5316(H)×138(D)in.
16 button keypad for easy-to-access functions
The function guidance is labeled on the 16 buttons. It’s easy to manage all of the functions equipped on the IC-V8 by pushing the Function key and shortcut keys. In addition, a channel number or an operating frequency can be entered from the keypad directly.
Powerful 5.5W of output power
The IC-V8 generates a powerful 5.5W output with Ni-Cd or Ni-MH battery packs, ensuring you a wide communication range.
Reversible up/down switches and rotary selector
Channel selection, volume, squelch and subaudible tones can be assigned to the up/down switches or rotary selector at your convenience.
5-character alphanumeric display
Letters and numeral character names provide easy recognition of each channel. S-meter, output power, power save, keylock, tone and duplex setting icons show various operating status at glance

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