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Cushcraft S8964B

( GSM Base Omni Directional Antenna )

Brand: Cushcraft
Model: S8964B

Frequency: 896 - 960 MHz
Gain: 6 dBi
Type: Omni
Model S8964B900 Mhz Omni Directional 6dBi Antenna
Wireless Antenna Features
Omni-Directional Receiving Signal Sources
Fully Decoupled Antennas built on Copper Laminate
Versatile Clamp Mounting System
Weatherproof designs with UltraLink Pigtail
DC Grounded
Antenna Applications
Warehouse Environment
Commercial and Industrial
Wireless Communications
Communications and data transmission antennas
Manufacturing and Development of Communications Antennas for Wireless LAN
ISM band
Small Cell Applications
Wireless Antenna Specifications
Frequency896-960 MHz
Gain (dBd)4
VSWR (Nominal) 1.5:1 Ratio
Bandwidth 1.5:1 MHz64
-3db Beamwidth E-Plane°25
Type (Female)N
Height42 1/8" (107 cm)
Weight1.56 lbs (0.70 kg)
Wind Surface Area0.22 ft2 (0.02 m2)
Wind Survival125 mph (200 kph)
Pigtail23 in

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